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Miss Nelson Has a Field Day - Columbia Children's Theatre

When I changed my plans for last weekend, it also meant I didn't have to travel Friday night. Not having to travel meant the opportunity to attend one of the "Late Night, Date Night" adult only productions at Columbia Children's Theatre.

My daughter, Sallie, graduated from the University of SC with a degree in Theatre Education and has worked with Columbia Children's Theatre since she was in college. She has been there full time since last summer.

Adult night is the one show of a main stage run when the actors get to cut loose, do some improv & blow off some steam. Main stage productions are adult actors performing children's shows for children, except on adult night. On adult night they perform the same show for an adult only audience. Adult night productions can get pretty raunchy. The shows are always hilarious. I recommend them to anyone looking for some inexpensive fun and always try to post when an adult night show is on the schedule.

Adult night shows are donation only, no ticket sales. If you donate at least $10 you may also send back a word or phrase that an actor (specific actor or any actor) must work into the show.

If you attend, be sure to ask if Baker is in the show and specify that he "make the Debbie noise." Sallie loves that.

The pictures in the gallery below are fit for all viewers.