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I started running for fitness in the late 90's.  Started running local 5k - 10k races around 2008(ish), maybe.  Ran my first marathon in 2009.  First 50k in 2011.  Since 2011 I've run over 100 ultra distance races of various lengths.  5 runs have been multi-day, cross-state races of over 300 miles.  I've run another 16 or so of 100 miles or longer.  They all have been adventures.  The people I meet along the way are the best part of the experience.  I'm blessed to have a family and career that allow me the freedom to roam.  

As a bonus I've been lucky enough to represent Luna Sandals and Dirtbag Runners as a brand ambassador.  I've been running in Luna Sandals since 2012 and they have supported me and my crazy adventures since the beginning.  Sharing common values of running free, living simply, and preserving our trails and parks is what sparked my relationship with the Dirtbag Runners.  I encourage you to check out both of their companies in the Cool Kids links. 

 Hope you enjoy my stories.

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