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2018 Firefighter Challenge

When your kid is a firefighter & he's going to compete in a firefighter challenge you regroup, dust off the old camera & go take pictures.

Also, when your kid is a firefighter and there's an actual fire, plans are subject to change.

I was supposed to run Paradise Point 50k on Camp LeJune today. I changed my plans with complete awareness that they could change again. I'm "Mama" first, runner 2nd.

At 7:30 Saturday morning Kyle called to say he was going to lend support at a fire in nearby Holly Hill, SC that had already been burning since 4pm on Friday.

Having offered one of the prizes for the Firefighter Challenge, I went to the event to support them, represent my store & take pictures. They're all posted here and completely available to any participants who would like them. I just ask for credit if used for promotional purposes later.

Congratulations to all who participated in the challenge. For those who were not there, there were two divisions. Active duty firefighters are the ones wearing full masks & tanks. Challengers without mask & tank gear are firefighter recruits. They all are amazing. It was awesome to see a big turn out for the children's challenge as well.

Thank you to all first responders out there for keeping us safe and providing the opportunity to enjoy days like this one at the Clarendon County Striped Bass Festival.

Winner of Active Duty Firefighters Division: Nick Myers

Winner of Firefighter Recruit Division: Bryce Parler

Overall Fastest Time: Bryce Parler

The pictures are in 3 separate galleries below.

Gallery 1: Active Duty Firefighters