There Are More Important Things Than Running

I know I've promised some race reports and videos. But some things are more important than running. My own children are more important to me than anything. Helping others in need ranks pretty high on my list as well. Right now, what's consumed me involves both. In the coming days & weeks, the usual race-related post will resume. Please take a moment to watch the videos I leave here documenting the information I'm able to piece together about my son, Kyle, and his life-long buddy, James, and their journey to Texas is help with rescue efforts in the wake of #hurricaneharvey. They've left work without pay. They both leave behind young families. But this is what they believe is right & what they were called to do. I'm so proud. Thank you for watching.

Day 1 - leaving Santee, SC and arriving in Lake Charles to drop off donations and on to Orange, TX

Day 2, Night of August 30 to Morning of August 31 - Rescue Ops with Cajun Navy & National Guard

#HurricaneHarvey #SanteeFireDepartment #Houston #Orange #hellorhighwater4houston #NationalGuard #CajunNavy

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