2017 LAVS Gear List

August 10, 2017




Gear List, Reviews & Packing Tips for 2017 Last Annual Vol State Road Race


 Video review of my pack & gear from this year's Vol State


Vol State Gear Continued... ONE more thing!



 Tips on Mailing Gear Home 







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About Me.

Karen Jackson

Mom, small business owner, ultra runner, brand ambassador for Luna Sandals & Dirt Bag Runners.

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 I run cool places with cool people.  These are my adventures.

I'm a mom, business owner and ultra runner.  I'm lucky to have the support to go wherever my feet and heart take me next.  Mostly I tell my stories and talk about the people I meet along the way.  Sometimes I talk about my gear. Or food.  Or beer. And my kids. I talk about them a lot.

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